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SEAN, Owner (AKA: Stumpy)

Likes: Four wheeling with my wife

Favorite tool: Spell check

Music: 90's country and old school rap

Favorite place to visit: Somewhere new

Favorite car:  2017 F150, thank you Wifey!

Free time: Time with family and friends

JIMMY, Shop Manager & Lead Tech (AKA: Single)

Likes: Softball

Favorite tool: Torque wrench

Music: Everything

Favorite place to visit: Any sporting event

Favorite car: '70 Chevelle 

Free time: Food, drinks, hanging out with good friends

KYLE, Technician (AKA: Hot Sauce)

Likes: Cars, food, cooking and eating

Favorite tool: The one that gets to job done

Music: Hard rock and country

Favorite place to visit: Northern Michigan

Favorite car Too many to list

Free time: Attend car events and target shooting

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